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School Counselor

INOW Parent Portal: Click this link to view your child's grades from home. You will need a username and password. You can get your login information through the counselor's office.


Guidance Program Services

  1. Classroom Guidance Lessons - Each month, classess visit the guidance office for a C.A.R.E. (Character. Academic. Relationships. Emotions) Lesson. Topics vary (study skills, friendship, good character, etc.) depending upon the grade level and needs of the group. 
  2. Small Group Counseling - Groups of around 4 students with common needs are pulled into the counseling office to work on skills concerning school issues such as friendships, test anxiety, attendance, good character, etc. 
  3. Individual Counseling - The counselor can meet with individual stuents to discuss any issuess that may be hindering success at school. 


How do Students Get to See the Counselor?

  1. Teacher Referral - A teacher can refer a student.
  2. Parent Referral - A parent/guardian can refer a student. If you would like to refer your student,you may call the office and ask to speak to Mrs. Parrish, or there is a parent referral form under the "Forms" link above.
  3. Student Referral - A student may use a referral form found in the office and his/her classroom to refer him/herself to the school counselor.