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James A. Mulkey Elementary Meal Program offers a well balanced nutritious meal to every student for Breakfast and Lunch.We are SO EXCITED that AGAIN THIS YEAR  Every Student will be receiving Free Breakfast and Lunch!! We Encourage you and your family to take advantage of this program. It is also Very Important that you Complete and Return your Child's Free/Reduced Meal Application, due to it will affect your child's status next year.Please get them in As Soon As Possible. Also, USDA requires us to have updated information on any Student that has any Allergies or is in need of a Special Diet. It is Very Important that you have your child's Doctor Update the required information so we will be able to accommodate their needs accordingly and safely.  We Thank You and Appreciate all of YOU!! 

We Hope Everyone Has A Wonderful 2021-2022 School Year!






Some students may be eligible to eat Free or Reduced. Please complete an application and return it to your childs teacher or to the Lunchroom to ensure that your child receives these benefits.


Breakfast prices include: Reduced price-$.30 Regular Student  $1.00 Adults: $1.25 Visitors:$1.25


Lunch prices include:Reduced price-$.40-Regular Students $2.25 Adults: $3.00 Visitor:$3.25


Extra Milk $.50

Water $.75



We hope that everyone has a wonderful 2020-2021 School Year...

Krystal Seay, Lunchroom Manager


USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.