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Mulkey Honor Society

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The Mulkey Honor Society is composed of students in grades 4-5 who have met all requirements for induction. The induction ceremony is held each fall following the first 9 weeks of the school year.


Stuents must have recieved all A's in the previous year or A/B's with all A's the first 9 weeks of the current school year.

Students must maintain this level of grades. Students may not recieve more than one B or a C, D, or F on a report card. Students who do not meet this requirement are placed on a probationary status for one 9 week period. If the grades improve to the requirement, then the student is returned to a member in good standing. If the grades do not meet the requirement, the student is then dismissed.


Sponors: Jenny Bynum, Michelle Revels, and Abby Crews