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High School Diploma- 2004


Elementary Education (K-6) Bachelors Degree- 2008 


Traditional (K-6) Masters Degree- 2012



5th grade:  4 years

3rd grade: 2 years

4th grade: 3rd year in 4th grade

This is my 9th year as an elementary school teacher.


Hello! My name is Mallory Mixon. Teaching is my passion. I believe all children can learn. I believe they need opportunities to know what kind of learners they are and implement strategies to help them become successful students. It is important for children to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are so they can take advantage of their strengths and build up their weaknesses in order to become productive citizens of our society. Everyone has a place. I want my students to set high goals and find their place. It is equally important for students to have character education. Students must learn the value of responsibiltiy, respect, compassion, honesty, determination, etc. to be successful adults. I will work diligently and patiently with you and your child as we conquer this school year. I am honored to have your child in my class.